Want to feature on Instagram / Facebook?

Want to feature on Instagram / Facebook?
January 1, 2018 Moccstars
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Want to feature on Instagram

Every day we receive more images and stories than you would imagine, either tagged, sent to us by DM or via email. This continues to be our main source of social media content and we like it this way – real people, actual experiences and authentic stories of happy little feet!

While all the images that be receive are, in their own right, incredibly beautiful, we look out for the following when selecting that perfect post or story to feature:

  1. The photo, story or video features Moccstars. Might sound strange, but we are regularly tagged on all sorts of things that are unrelated to us!
  2. Take your shot or video in good or (ideally) natural light, preferably against a light background. We prefer au-naturel images – so no need to apply your favourite filter! Tip – make sure you use the highest possible resolution image.
  3. Make sure the caption tells us something about the photo e.g. where you are, what you are doing, the occasion or what you like (think ‘what, where, when, why and how’). Mentioning @moccstars in the caption or story also helps!
  4. Tell us something interesting about you or your little one – what stage is he or she is at, their character traits? Sure, we are interested in Moccstars, but we also want to know about you!
  5. The WOW factor – whether its styling tips, a flat lay, an eye-catching outfit, a childhood first, a location or event, or just something that will make our hearts melt!

For inspiration, take a look at @moccstars and don’t forget to tag us, otherwise we might not know you have posted!

Love Moccstars! x