Facebook Gather 2019 (Dublin) – ‘Connecting for Growth’

Facebook Gather 2019 (Dublin) – ‘Connecting for Growth’
January 31, 2019 Moccstars
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Moccstars have recently returned from Dublin, having been invited by Facebook to its second ‘Gather’ event, bringing together ‘300+ European SME business owners to hear leading insights, network and share best practices’. Moccstars were delighted to attend Facebooks inaugural ‘Gather’ event in Brussels last year, but it was truly humbling to be invited back!
The event followed a similar format to that of 2018, with Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer/ Mark Zuckerberg’s # 2) delivering the keynote speech, alongside a variety of speakers, panel discussions, case studies, workshops and masterclasses!

Love Moccstars! x