Moccasins Roots

Moccasins Roots
July 12, 2015 Moccstars
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Despite the fact that moccasins are extremely well known across the world, not everyone is aware of their history and association with Native American culture. One thing that did not change among the different tribes then, even when they introduced variations to their traditional clothing, was the moccasins themselves – tanned leather sewn to form a shoe.

Native Americans were skilled hunters and great patrons of reducing and recycling waste. They wanted to devise a way use the tough leftover hide from the hunt, and as it was too inflexible to be used for clothing, it was stitched together for durable Moccasin slippers.

While the technique to create them remained similar across the tribes, their designs/ patterns were not. This was one way of knowing distinctively an individual’s tribal affiliation, so much so, that even the groups were specifically named after their respective moccasin style!

Made especially with soft leather and flat soles, moccasins were renowned for their comfort, not to mention how they improved with time. They were exported to Europe, and although the dawn of industrialization contributed to their decline, they quickly regained their popularity, for being stylish, practical, warm, and comfortable both as a casual and sports shoe.

The desirable qualities of moccasins remain now as they did then – with a range of designs/ colours to suit the personality and individual style of every child, Moccstars make the ideal gift for all occasions – or just to spoil your own!